Heavenly Ski Resort. During the day the massive storm they predicted would roll in, did. In fact, it had started a little bit when the lifts opened, but kicked into high gear while I was munching lunch here at the hotel. It was amazing what a difference four inches of snow made. The snow was great. Unfortunately, the conditions were atrocious – you couldn’t see very far and the goggles were fogging up pretty badly. All in all, it was a good day and I learned something – I’m REALLY out of shape! That’s it from me for now. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back P.s… Please excuse any typos… The laptop that has the net access has one of them weird qwerty keyboards. Whatever…]]>

4 thoughts on “Heavenly”

  1. wow, glad you got a chance to go up there. who did you go with?
    As I was riding my bike back home yesterday in the rain, I realized that if things clear up by the weekend, it’d be great to go up this weekend. But alas, Mel has some performances to do this weekend…

  2. Yeah, if you can go, I highly recommend it. The snow is going to be phenomenoal. Went up with a friend from Modesto (Thanks, Duarte!) who’d gotten a great deal on a timeshare.

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