New Host! has been moved to the new machine and boy is it snappy! I’m resolving the little issues as they come up, but so far things are moving along quite nicely. More as things happen. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>

2 thoughts on “New Host!”

  1. No. We moved the old machine from colo A to colo B and brought a new machine with it. I’ve just migrated this site onto the new machine. 🙂 Same (new) colo, different machine. Much faster, too:
    Old Box:
    Celeron 400Mhz
    256MB RAM
    40G ATA66 disk
    S L O W
    New Box:
    Dual P3 1.3Ghz
    2GB RAM
    36G SCSI320 disk
    (even more storage on the RAID, but we won’t divulge the specs on that)
    == f a s t ==

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