great doing so!

Rock Gyms

  • Stonehenge — Modesto, CA. This is where I learned to climb. This place will always be my "home" gym.
  • Planet Granite — Sunnyvale, CA, with locations in Belmont & San Francisco. All locations have excellent facilities.
  • City Beach Rock Club — Fremont, CA. Very nice wall, nice atmosphere.
  • Pacific Edge — Santa Cruz, CA. The tallest and one of the biggest gyms I’ve been to.

Climbing related Magazines & Sites

Manufacturer’s Sites

  • Evolv — Never thought I’d be a guy for velcro shoes, but the Defy shoes are VERY nice slip-lasted shoes. Vegan friendly, too!
  • Boreal — Even though I sold my Stingers years ago, Boreal is one of my favorite shoe manufacturers.
  • Scarpa — I have a pair of their “Dominator” shoes. They’re quite nice, but I need to get the resoled.
  • Blue Water — The Climbing Company. Makers of really awesome harness (and ropes), including the Renegade – My next harness.
  • PMI Dynamic — Ropes and stuff. PMI-Petzl.
  • Black Diamond Equipment — Makers of fine harnesses, gear, and ropes.