HTML References

  • Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi — This website is where I pretty much learned everything I know about web design. It is the most complete reference site I’ve ever seen!
  • — A fork of the OSWD page made when OSWD went down for a time in 10/2005. Run and coded by Aaron "MonkeyMan" Nikula. With new management and a new direction, I expect good things from this site.
  • OSWD — Open Source Web Design. Just what the name says. I’ve submitted several designs sofar. There’s a LOT of VERY talented html artists out there. Take a look! It’s straight HTML, and every design is free for the using!

PHP References

General Windows Stuff

  • Lockergnome — This is one of the best mailing lists I’ve seen yet. He rates new software and stuff every month and has over 100,000 subscribers! Give it an honest look-see!
  • C|Net — I highly reccommend checking CNet out. And while you’re there, subscribe to the Digital Dispatch (referred to on their page as the Free Newsletter). It is WELL worth it. You get the latest in computer news in your mailbox, once every month!
  • Hoaxbusters — THE place to go when you get those nasty little emails warning of the next doomsday virus. Is it real or a hoax? Check here to find out! IMHO, this is THE best source for virus hoax information. NOTE: CIAC took down the Hoaxbusters page. Search Google for an alternative.

Arts & Graphics

  • Digital Blasphemy — Ryan Bliss has conjured up some absolutely awesome images. Find them here.
  • deviantART — A repository of community-submitted artwork, wallpapers, themes, etc.
As I find more computer and HTML related links, you’ll find ’em HERE. So come back again soon!]]>