Happy Weekstart

Planet Granite in Sunnyvale. It was a very long weekend and I’m tired now, but I’m glad it happened. On Thursday night, my coworker was found unconscious in the break room, under the influence of painkillers and alcohol. He hadda be carted away in an ambulance. When he came in to work on Friday morning, he was afraid that he was going to lose his job. As this was his third alcohol-related offense, he was given the option to seek rehab or be let go. (And they were only giving him the option of recovery since he was such a productive employee, too.) I came in to work yesterday to finish up some stuff to find an email from him sent to me, our supervisor, our boss, and the company owner saying, “thanks, but no thanks.” I’m saddened because he was a good kid, but I’m angry because when he left, he either took his system hard drive with him or imaged it with a windows image from another machine. Either way, the tools that we used as a department are no longer available to us. I knew he was going to take his personal drive with him, but I fig’d he’d leave his system disk here and just remove his account. He then proceeded to send us an email saying, “I’m sorry it had to be this way but whatever. I’m willing to come help clean stuff up and document for $75/hr.” So he fucked us over and then expects us to pay him to unfuck it. Yeah, I don’t think so. At least the inventory system still works. Anyway… Time for me to start getting caught up on all this fallout ‘n’ shit. 🙁 Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>

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