Am I Getting Older… ?

everywhere, I notice a 2-4 mpg increase overall in my fuel efficiency. This means I can go further on one tank of gas than ever before. That extra 50-100 miles per tank (300-350 miles, instead of 250) saves me up to one full fill-up a month. One case in point about my new driving habits: this evening on the way home, I’m getting nearer to the 880/237 interchange, heading south on I-880, when a silver Mustang or something similar squeezes between me and the driver just off my front left corner – with inches to spare, then goes zooming around past him and back over to the #1 lane (left-most lane). He was followed by another car, also at a high rate of speed. Not only did this guy almost hit the car in front of me, his buddy almost hit the cars in front of him. Fortunately, I didn’t have any other cars in front of me, so I had an escape. I guess I’ve grown up a bit. I don’t need to do that today. No scratch that. I am getting older… I refuse to grow up. 😉 That’s all from me for now. School’s going okay; I had to drop a class, but things are much more manageable now. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>

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