Hard To Reach

Keep Coming Back!!! UPDATE: I was able to roll back to an older version of the firmware. It seems to be stable right now, but that still doesn’t change the fact that my damned internet connection is slower than DSL. 🙁 *pout*]]>

2 thoughts on “Hard To Reach”

  1. Bummer!
    See, that’s what ya’ get for bein’ a geek — you =know= when something is wrong.
    If you were like me, you’d just continue goin’ along fat, dumb , and happy, never knowing what you were missing!
    Ol’ Dad

  2. Believe me, you woulda known with this issue. Pages that usually load up instantly were taking about 2 minutes to load. A 3.6mb file took me 20 minutes to download – that’s dialup speed for you!
    Yeah, you and your cablemodem… you would have noticed. 🙂

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