Yesterday's Typos – FIXED!

This Wonderful iPhone… This is just a quickie posted from the iPhone. There are sure to be some typos… I won’t go back later and fix the typos but I will clarify on a comment later. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!! The iPhone is a really nifty device, but it sucks for entering large amounts of text at any given time. I can do a few short sentences, but I’ll likely have to go back later to correct things. This will change, of course, if Apple ever allows bluetooth keyboards to be paired to the things. Currently I believe only mono audio devices are allowed to pair with it. This is nice for keeping things simple, but not really that great for maintaining anything greater than over-glorified toy status. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve had mine five days now and I’m already loving it. I am becoming more and more accustomed to the keyboard, and the autocomplete feature learns more as I enter more words in. Still, with the volume so low, I’ll need another device to act as my alarm clock. Currently, my Treo is continuing in that role. I’m also using the Treo still to track my mileage as I haven’t found an app on the app store that’s worth a crap yet. (But what do you expect for free?) Anyway… That’s all outta me for now. Thanks for listening and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>

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