5 thoughts on “Ringtone Bliss”

  1. OK . . . you new phone is slicker than snot!!
    What would you get today if you were looking for something that would do what the Clie did — especially run a little spread sheet of some sort, and have a calendar programme — if it also ran a version of Quicken that could be a bonus.
    I suspect something that would do that today would be a hell of a lot cheaper than the +$300 the Clies cost?
    Need your input.
    Love ya’!
    Ol’ Dad

  2. Like I told mum already, I world recommend the Palm Centro. It comes in both windows mobile and palmOS flavors, and is a phone to boot! I think it can be obtained for cheap…

  3. K’ I found lots of places that wanted to sell one, but after searching I finally found one that tells me what it is and does.
    I don’t need a phone — I’ve got one of them.
    This looks like “too much gun” for what I need.
    I’ll keep lookin’
    Ol’ Dad

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