It's Game Time! – UPDATE!

fun game for anybody, ages three and up! It’s called, “Guess what piece of bluetooth electronic communications equipment Ian just sent through the washer!” *sigh* Yes, I washed my Plantronics Discovery 655 with the load of blue jeans I just did. *sigh* No, I didn’t pay $150 for it – only $75 after tax and shipping. Still, it means I won’t be able to use my phone while driving for the next few days. I’m going to let this thing dry out a bit (I actually considered running it through the dryer!!) before I try to charge it, but I think it’s a goner. I might actually go to my nearest Central Computer store, where they actually sell this model tomorrow and buy a new one. Boy, that’ll learn me not to put them in my pockets. I’m just glad I got the game of “where did my hearing aides go again?” out of my system when I was a kid. That’s all from me for now. I just got home from picking my friend Abraham up from the airport and I’m TIRED. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!! UPDATE: As of 2:15am, this thing appears to be taking a charge! Who’d’a thunk it? UPDATE #2: As of 8:30am, it’s doing wonky stuff – like constantly flashing blue to red and not turning off. It’s dead, Jim!]]>

4 thoughts on “It's Game Time! – UPDATE!”

  1. Can you believe that once upon a time people actually didn’t ( COULDN’T ) talk on the phone while driving a car!~ OMG!
    Ol’ Dad

  2. Actually, it didn’t survive. It took a charge and started going haywire. 🙁
    I bought a new one yesterday for about $10 more than I initially paid for the original one. ($85 vs $75) I could have procured it for less, but that’s what one gets for instant gratification. 🙂

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