Getting Closer

stand I bought for it. I’ll plug it into one of my existing monitors for a multi-head setup. If I decide it’ll be good for WoW, I’ll start playing WoW on here too. Speaking of table space… I got rid of the dining set that’s been in the family since the early-eighties. You see, it’s Clean-Up time again in the City of Santa Clara. I didn’t realize that tomorrow morning would be pickup time, and I’ve been wanting to get rid of the thing for a while so I could move my desk into its place, so I hurriedly got the table and its associated chairs to the curb. Within 30 minutes, the two "office" chairs I’d put out were gone. By 8:00pm, somebody had liberated my curb of the dinette set. It’s a nice feeling to have a little bit more space, but that spot looks weird in my kitchen now. (I moved the table, not the computers.) Hopefully, in a few weeks, I’ll have cleaned my CRAP up enough (and tossed out the trash enough) to move my nice desk out into the breakfast nook. Then I can go about turning my bedroom into a *gasp!* place to sleep. Another added benefit to moving everything out there is that I all the PCs will be in one location and I won’t have wires going all over the house. (YAY!) *sigh* Eventually. But at least I’m getting closer to that goal. 🙂 It’s getting late, and I need to get up earlier in the morning tomorrow. I’m going to call it a night. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>

2 thoughts on “Getting Closer”

  1. Yeah, I hadda do it. Now I just need to clean house.
    It’s really weird not having a table in there right now. I mean it’s been in THAT position for the last six years.

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