Warm & Sunny

beautiful. I’ve got all the windows that I can open in my apartment and my front door opened. After being cooped up for the last four days, I have to say the fresh air and sunlight is a very welcome change. It’s a good thing I’m sick, or I’d like to go driving on a day like today. Sadly, I’m sick, and my bank account is overdrawn … again. When I noticed it was in the red, I finally gave in and installed quicken on the Mac in the front room. I’m tired of this crap. All I have left to get me through to the next payday (one week from yesterday) is $100 in my savings account and about $100 on the credit card I’m trying not to use. When I get paid, and the account gets back in the black, I’m going to call up the bank and ask for an overdraft line of credit. It’s not the big charges that are putting me in the red. It’s the little charges that cost me an extra $30 a pop that put me even deeper in hock. Actually, this time it was a $300 check I’d forgotten about that put me about $197 overdrawn, and all the little charges after have added about $300 in bounce charges. If I’d been using quicken like I should have been, I would have been able to keep track of these things and not bounced anything. Hopefully this time I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m supposed to be an adult now. This is the kind of stuff an irresponsible teen does. In other news, my cough has seemingly gotten worse. I can’t get more than about two hours of sleep before I start hacking my brains out trying to cough up my lungs. I originally thought I was coughing up green stuff, but I was wrong. The productive stuff has been relatively clear. A good sign, or so I’m told. Things are looking up. Too bad I’m so freaking tired. That’s it for me for now. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>

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