Not Dead Yet!

very long fourteen-hour day. I left home about 0900 and got to my hotel at 2330!! I took two days to come home – the goal of Sunday’s drive was to spend some time at the Hoover Dam. I got there after the visitor center closed, so I didn’t get to take the tour. Not that it’s tooooo much of a loss – I am claustrophobic anyway. Stayed at a casino hotel in Primm, NV that night. $46 for the hotel… Dropped $40 on a $5/hand Blackjack table and walked away with a li’l over $120. Yeah, Blackjack paid for my hotel, dinner, and gas home. w00t! Monday I drove the rest of the way. Left about 1100, dawdled in Santa Nella, CA for an hour (3/4ths of the way home), and got home at 2100. All in all, a nice trip. I’ll post more here later. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>

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