TypeKey and more importantly, b) I need to fix my templates so registered users can log in. In the mean time, the comment feature here on my site is b0rk3n. Sorry, but that’s just the way it’s gotta be for the time being. I’m tired of deleting 20-40 blogspam comments a day. :-/ <sigh> Anyway… NaNo‘s coming along slower than I’d hoped, but mainly ‘cus I haven’t met my daily goal yet. But I’m working on that too. If I only have 10k words on the 10th, then I know I’m behind schedule. I need to have about 18k words by then, and 36k words by the 20th. But it’s a process. My main goal, though, is to get into the habit of writing daily. That’s it. If I win NaNo, that’s cool. If not, but I get into a daily writing routine, then I’ll be ecstatic. 🙂 So that’s it from me for now. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>