AdAware and SpyBot SD have proven utterly unsuccessful. As a last resort, I’ve booted into Safe Mode and rerun BOTH bloody programs. Waiting for the POS OS to boot again. I’m willing to bet that it’s still on there – in fact, saw the “finishing installing programs” screen before the WinME boot splash screen. *sigh* Nope, still doing it. Have I mentioned that I hate MS Windows? It’s evolved into such a whore, it’s not even funny. Now if my buddy wasn’t getting this free wireless internet from his apartment complex that’s windows-centric, I’d have no problems putting linux on here. The thing is that we just do not have these problems in *nix or MacOS. The framework that allows these spyware and malware apps to thrive just doesn’t exist. And don’t give me this crap about that nifty framework making Windows easier to use than *nix either. I’ve seen plenty of *nix systems that work far more efficiently and easier than this particular laptop…. Ever use a TiVo? Yeah, that’s linux. Easy to use, no? Anyhow, this isn’t a rant about whether or not Linux is better than Windows (even though we all know this is clearly the case – windows sucks), but a rant at the fact that WinME sucks so horribly, I wouldn’t give it to my worst enemy… So I’m reformatting this thing and putting XP on here for him. WinMe… *SHUDDER* Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>

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