4 thoughts on “I'm Broken”

  1. You ain’t broken . . . you smart, clever and very capable of doing a fine job — when you find the =right= job. Unfortunately, we all find we sometimes have trouble working our way through the =other= jobs that we have to hold down to keep body and soul together until we find that =right= job. But, it =is= something we =all= have to learn to deal with in our own way. Think about 1.) Keeping =busy= (set a goal of X number of job apps each day and/or do some volunteer work — maybe in an area you =never= thought about doing). This is a.) productive, b.) keeps your from having time to sit and feel sorry for yourself c.) can look good on a resume d.) may give you new ideas about what you want to do and e.) just might be =fun!=) 2.) Keeping =regular= times and habits for days and nights — hard to function in everybody else’s world (=that’s= where you’ll likely end up finding the “right” job) if you let yourself get on a whacky living schedule 3.) “Network!” I =hate= that word, but it works 4.) Budget like crazy — you need it more than ever now (part of that is buying food and cooking at home — fast foods should be =only= for a special treat). These are the kind of suggestions I’d offer to anyone — not just you. Try printing them out and pinning them on the wall and looking at them from time to time to see how you are doing. But, when I offer these to you it is with love and real hope that it will help you make a difference.
    Love ya’ . . .
    Ole’ Dad.

  2. Father dear, I was being sarcastic when I said “I’m broken”. I figured it’d be a funny way to say I’m no longer employed. 😉
    But yes, there’s lots for me to do and I definitely DO need to budget. :-/ Fortunately I have a very understanding landlord and I think I’ll be okay for the next month or so.

  3. Ahh Terminated. Ironically my Unemployment Appeal “hearing” was scheduled last week, i chose not to attend as a form of Protest. They actually took 4 months to process my hearing date, Unemployment..what a bitch.
    I feel for you man, this whole business seems whacked, if i don’t end up at the “perfect”(i say that loosely) job, i’ll move on to another Industry, fix cars, work at a resort…once i move.
    Hang in there

  4. No fears, yo – Me and the LB are broken, too. Hey, that’s pretty swank – “Me and the LB”. I think I found a name for my band….

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