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  1. Not to downplay the significance of 9/11, but more human deaths occurr in the U.S. daily than were killed from terrorist actions on 9/11…it’s called abortion, it’s called abortion and it’s legal. If the real reason for all this grief is truly the magnitude of the loss of life…then somebody has to raise the issue of the killing that occurs every single day. Killing whose victims can’t voice their own outrage. Hopefully some of us with a conscience can speak up for them.

  2. Oh please… That’s such an outdated religious issue, driven by insecure men.
    Women should have the right to choose. ‘Nuff said.
    Besides – in this day and age, we need to cleanse the gene pool in one way or another. 😉

  3. Yeah, but death by knitting needle is far less entertaining than being smothered and crushed in a collapsing inferno…
    How about the kids that are killed through parental abuse? Neglect? Starvation? If you save all the embryos, who’s going to shoulder the financial and emotional burden of raising crack-babies?
    Grow a uterus, move to the ghetto, struggle to support yourself on a minimum wage job, get involved with a macho borderline alcoholic with stability and anger management issues, and try to support a few rug rats. Then we’ll talk about how wrong abortions are.
    How about the hundreds of Senior Citizens that are killed every day in nursing facilities through neglect and abuse?
    How about the dozens of inmates sentenced to death on wrongful convictions where the court doesn’t want to reverse its judgement for fear of admitting a mistake? Or the ones that are stabbed to death in general population that were wrongfully convicted and had no reason to actually be there?
    How about the kids who die of arsenic poisoning from drinking polluted tap water?
    Maybe after thinking about all of the needless death in this world, you’ll come to the sensible conclusion of simply killing yourself over the insanity of it all, and leave more air and water for the ones of us who still feel like being productive.

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