Somewhere Over The Rainbow

7:15pm PDT
Well, notice the timezone changes. I shoulda noticed this a long time ago. I’ll have to go back and take care of that sometime after I get home. 🙂 And at this time I should be somewhere over Nebraska or Oklahoma. We left St. Louis about 25 minutes ago. It’s been a good trip sofar, really. And the flights have been fairly uneventful. I’d rate it a 10+ on a scale of 1 to 5. (with 10 being SUPERB!) Florida was beautiful and it was quite a blessing to be able to spend that much time with my Grandma, Uncle, and Cousin. Thank you Dad for bring me along on this trip! I’m extremely grateful! I certainly seemed to take in a lot more about florida this time than I did back in ’95. The fact that it was their rainy season out there made all the difference in this trip. Last time we went as a family it was during November – their "dry" season. We also did different things this time. Last time I was there we did a lot of tourist things as a family – saw Everglades National Park, got to go on a swamp tour and had very much a tourist time. This time I spent more time visiting my 96-year-old grandma and cousin and uncle. And for someone whom I’ve never met and who’s never met me, we sure got on "like a house on fire" (as my dad so eloquently put it). Cindy’s a real kick in the pants. And up, she likes me. 🙂 I got to do the coolest thing last night, too – went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico at sunset. It was all of about 84°F, but the water was about 87°F. It hadda have been one of the most awesome things I’ve had the opportunity to do. I decided to come on out of the water when I missed stepping on a stingray with a 12" stinger. That would have been a real pain, wouldn’t it? So at this time I’m incredibly grateful and rather enjoying my flight back to Sacramento. I’m glad I was able to share all of this with y’all. That’s it for now. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>