Wadda Weekend!

Death Valley last october. It was a FUN ride, but I’m really sore today. Yow! Patrick got hisself a new Suzuki GSX-R1000. He invited me to come along on his old Yamaha Seca II 600. Talk about no contest. heh. It was fun though. I really miss being on a motorcycle and think I’m definitely gonna have to go buy one come spring. (Can’t afford it now – going to New Zealand in August) Today I just got ready to do my NA Service committment only to realize when I got there that the ASC meeting is the FOURTH Sunday of every month and not the THIRD. <sigh> Oh, well. At least I have all my stuff ready for next weekend. 😉 So that’s it. It’s hot, I’m feeling bored and lazy, and I’m thinking about hitting the pool. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>