New & Improved!

New! & Improved!! It’s by no means complete (the archives link isn’t converted yet, and I don’t expect to get that completed for a while yet), but it’s mostly there. Hope y’all like it. (And if you don’t, well PHOOEY on YOU!) I’m quite happy with the layout and color scheme. And again, if you don’t like it then… Pblblblblblblblblblbt! By the way, this is the first change to my site in over two and a half years!!! It’s now day 3 of me staying home from work due to the stomach flu. I’m tellin’ ya, this really sucks. I’ve got LOTS of work piling up for me now. (Just checked – my que is now up to 21 trouble tickets and will only get worse today.) 🙁 <sigh> I sincerely hope that tomorrow I’m feeling much better. I hate being sick, and more importantly, I hate being away from work. And if my math is correct, I’m all outta sick time already. It’s not even the middle of the year yet! <sniff><sniff><sob><cry> Where’s that super-pill we can take to make us forever healthy? That’s all I have for now. I’m going back to bed. Ugh. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>