It's Too Damned Hot, Damnit!

spring would come back already. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d love it if our summer weather stayed in the mid-70’s. Of course, that would most-likely mean that our wintertime weather only got up to the mid 10’s… BELOW ZERO. <sigh> One of these days I’ll get accustomed to the heat and will stop complaining. So along with this heat comes more power shortages here in California. Today we were in a level 2 power alert. We came very close to a level 3 power alert. Once California’s at level 3, the CAL-ISO can order rolling blackouts. The blackouts would start this time around (according to KCBS 740AM with "the second half of block 14 and continue with block 1…" Great. I’m in block one. Thank GOD I’ve put ReiserFS on my computer. 🙂 Unfortunately I was a bad boy today and forgot to turn off my air conditoner when I left. 🙁 It did end up being a good thing though, ’cause I came home ill today. (I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, but that’s another story and I’m not going into that here this time.) The races yesterday were AWESOME! I did remember to wear sunscreen, but still managed to burn the hell outta my left wrist where my watch usually is. Ugh. Will be applying the vinegar treatment to it (hey, don’t knock it – it really DOES work!) over the next several days to help ease the pain. But on the lighter side, I got to see some incredibly exciting action. I watched all 4 of the races – 600 SuperSport, 250GP, SuperBike, and Pro Thunder. One thing I noticed is that when the two strokers (the 250CC bikes) were out there, you could really smell the fuel. Not to sound too kinky or anything, but it was quite a turn on smelling the spent fuel. A very interactive experience if you will. 🙂 A big KUDOS to my buddy Dale Palmer who did a great race in the heat. By the time the Pro Thunder class hit the track, the track temperature was about 150 degrees Farenheit! UGH. (It was 97 when Jon and I left Sears Point at 4:30pm!) With a red flag in the first lap of his race and a 15-minute wait before the full-on restart, he did an excellent job. The 600 Supersport and the SuperBike races were both won by Anthony Gobert. Nickey Hayden didn’t race the Supersport race (due to a wrist injury?) but was the leader of the SuperBike race for most of the race. He and Anthony had quite the battle going on for the win though. Again, KUDOS to all involved – it was an EXCELLENT day for all of us spectators. One last thing before I’m done for the night – I’ve archived off April’s entries. You can find ’em in the Archives Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>