Lazy Weekend

FIM World SuperBike races from Sugo, Japan. I already know what happened in the race, thanks to the wonderful time-zone differences we have on the internet. (Race happened about 8 or 10 hours ago.) But I’m still watching it. I really enjoy watching those crazy guys run around these tracks at 150mph or better. <shudder> The scariest part of all this is that I want to do some of this, too! Wow. I’ve made some more changes to the backend for my site. They’re small and simple changes that will allow me to change the site’s colors globally for each page. Okay, that didn’t make much sense, but think of it as me allowing myself to keep the same layout, etc., and be able to change the colors for each page by modifying two variables. The more I think about the colors and stuff, the more I realize that I really like them as they are… We’ll see how it all ends up. The next change is that I’ve finally brought over the Climbing page from my old page. Haven’t verified all the links yet, but rest assured that I will get it all taken care of before I start work tomorrow. 😉 So that’s it for this installment of "Ian’s a lazy bastard." I’m going to work. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>