Happy Easter!

her sick, too. This would be a bad thing. The reason I’m glad is that my parents didn’t go either, so I’m headed down to Modesto to spend the afternoon/evening with them, instead. So I think it all worked out after all. 🙂 I recently purchased a new game called Messiah by Shiny Entertainment and published by Interplay. It’s not a new game, and I’ve seen it out for quite a while. In my last few visits to Fry’s Electronics, every copy of it that I saw on their shelves had been opened, and this piqued my interest. However, I didn’t want to buy a copy that’d been opened already. Well, on my most recent visit, they’d been reorganizing their software and I happened to find ONE copy that had not been opened. WHAMMO! I picked it up and bought it. I tell ya, once I got the hang of the gameplay (which didn’t take too long), I fell in love with the game. The concept is way cool, and it’s quite different from anything I’ve played. It’s similar to the Tomb Raider series in handling, but the coolest part is that your character – a 3′ cherub named "Bob" can possess any characters in the game. The bad thing is that most of the gun-toting people in the game are afraid of Bob and try to shoot him whenever they can. So you can see the challenge in it. I’ve been playing for a while now and finally got into "Old Town". I just found out that I can possess rats even! This is just too damned cool! hehehehe. I think I’ve found my new electronic addiction. 😉 Okay, I gotta hit the road if I’m gonna get to spend any time with the parentals. Before I go, though, I’m gonna have to plug AssholeCynic.com again. Don’s been doing a lot of work to the page and I’ve become a regular contributor. I’ve been wanting to start a Rants & Raves page for a while – even attempted something of the sort with the Old Page, but it never took off. Well, I think A/C will become the "Official" rants page of iansweb.com. Plus, Q! and Tical just make so much sense. Well, that’s all I have for now. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>