Busy Week

and regarding traffic school. (I’m eledgible for traffic school now and I do not want this thing to show up on my record – I don’t want another insurance rate raise. UGH!) So I went in yesterday and stood in line for AN HOUR AND FORTY-FIVE MINUTES of HELL. My ankles still ache. (Birkenstocks are not meant for standing in one place for long amounts of time!) On top of that, I paid the fine and spent the next hour and then some worrying about where I was gonna get money for gas ’till next Tuesday. (Thank you Nick for paying your share of the rent early!) On top of that, I got into an argument with someone on IRC about whether or not Pot is addictive. (See my 12-Step Recovery page for my background in that matter.) Little buggers really pissed me off. Hadda vacate my office for a while to gather my thoughts. I did get back to work and got stuff done though. And the day did end well. Just the most of it sucked something fierce. Oh, and I did manage to finally call my sponsor yesterday, too… (‘nother 12-step thing.) Gonna get together with him for the first time in about six weeks tomorrow. That S.O.B.’s asked me to "chair" a meeting, too. Yeah, as if I have anything worth sharing about lately. Okay, he seems to think that with me having been clean and sober for five years that I’d better have some experience, strenth, & hope to share. We’ll see. I’m getting even closer to finishing my first 5.11a at Planet Granite indoor rock gym. Been working on it for the last two visits. It’s a bit of a toughie. It’s also the hardest route I’ve come so close to finishing. RJ and I are both working on it. I’m sure he’ll red-point it first, but we’ll see. Either way, I’m looking forward to being able to complete the route. Well, folks… This is the longest I’ve rambled on about in quite a while. It’s also quite late, so I’m going to head to bed now. Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back!!!]]>